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Condor Utilities Launcher

Your aid to quickly setting up the Condor Gliding Simulator and LK8000/XCSoar + other vital utilities

Latest Version 2.24 Released 20th November, 2023!
Now with the further improved OPTION of very fast FTP Task File Transfer for Remote Devices + Transfer of Airspace Files!

Condor Utilities Launcher has been developed to be a ‘front end” to Marc Till’s brilliant Condor Utilities such as CoMoMap (just released), CoTaCo, and CoTASA, and then to launch each of those programs PLUS your navigation program of choice, such as LK8000 or XCSoar automatically, saving significant time when starting a Condor online race.

If you don’t already use Marc’s utilities, they can be found at

If you are not using at least Marc’s CoTaCo, then Condor Utilities Launcher will not be of much use to you. CoMoMap and CoTASA are also very strongly recommended.

Condor Utilities Launcher allows the user to enter any additional Task Parameters such as Maximum Start Speed, Minimum Finish Altitude, and AAT Task Time etc into this app, which will then transfer that data to CoMoMap, CoTaCo, and thence to you navigation program of choice.

There is also an option to set the -WAIT MODE for CoMoMap and CoTaCo to “Yes” to activate their -WAIT modes, which means they will “wait” for Condor to start flying, and then pass the data on to those program after you start flying.

Click the link below to download the zipped app. Extract all the files to a folder of your choice, run the .exe file, and please READ the HELP file, which hopefully covers everything you need to know about how to setup and use the app.

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